How to Use Your YouTube Videos on Your Website Without the Related Ads Showing

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You may remember when it was as easy as checking a box if you did not want related videos to show on video embeds on your websites or marketing pages.  That’s not possible any longer. You can insert some code to remove related videos from other people (just show your own), by using the following code found on

If you do not want your own videos showing at the end of the video, you would have to have all your videos set to unlisted which allows embeds but does not allow them to come up in related videos.

YouTube wants you to stay on YouTube. It makes sense for them to keep you there where you can watch all the ads, thus making them money.

Maybe you are monetizing your channel, so you want the most views possible as well. I think YouTube is awesome, but I do not believe it looks very professional on your website or marketing pages (unless your main goal in having YouTube embeds on your website is to get more views and subscribers for Monetization purposes)

There is a product that converts your embedded YouTube videos (so if you have an entire blog or website full of YouTube videos this will work) over to a Global Delivery Network Hosting platform with very little work on your part.

The company Swarmify offers a service that gobbles up your videos into its Global Content Delivery network and hosts them. They call it Smart Video technology. What this does for you is give you instant or near-instant loading (if your YouTube videos tend to buffer-it will probably play instantly with Swarmify’s Smart Video technology from just about anywhere in the world, and it looks great on just about any device in the world.

So, technically, once the video is moved over to Swarmify’s CDN, it’s no longer a YouTube video on your site.

Check out my video below which is on YouTube and here on this site. I’m also going to post below to show you what the same video looks like with a straight YouTube embed.

I see a big plus with the time-saving element. Rather than uploading the same video to YouTube then to your website, you can upload once to YouTube, add the video details (link or embed) to your website where it will automatically be converted with Swarmify’s Smart Video technology to be served from their global CDN hosting.

Screenshots of the same video with straight YouTube embed

if you pause it

If you love YouTube, great. Keep uploading all your videos there. When you want one on your website or marketing page, you can use the CDN or Smart Video technology to get a clean player with your logo, if desired, that is extremely fast loading and takes all the headaches out of getting videos to look great on your website.

How you install and start using Swarmify global Content Delivery Network …

I am going to show you how to set this up on a Word Press site. The non Word Press sites require a bit more work, but it’s still fast to setup once you do it a few times.

Here is how to get going on Word Press sites. Log into your Word Press dashboard and go to install plugins. Click to add a new plugin and search for Swarmify. Once you find it, activate it.

Once you have activated the plugin, you need to get an account if you don’t have one. There is a free trial available. Another option to get started is to hire me as a consultant where I set it all up for you and run it through my Swarmify account.

I will install the plugin on your website and you can control it after that. It’s at the Pro level, so you can choose the player color and add your log if desired. Please click here to see the pricing which varies a bit from directly purchasing from Swarmify.

Once you have paid for your account you will get a CDN key which needs to get added in the setup area in order for the product to work.

After you add the Smart Video plugin and pay, you will see the above options which have a fantastic set of directions and Q & A section. One thing that I want to mention that is pointed out in the Q & A is that you want to make sure you have allowed enough time for your videos to fully load on YouTube or elsewhere so the quality is the best possible before you added the link to your page to get encoded by the cdn. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOUR VIDEOS WILL NOT BE THE QUALITY YOU THOUGHT THEY WOULD, RATHER, THEY WILL UPLOAD AT THE QUALITY LEVEL THEY WERE WHEN YOU ADDED THEM TO YOUR SITE because the CDN pulled them in just the way they look when you request them to be added.

One other thing I found helpful… if you are using a non-WP site and need to use the embed code to add your videos, It’s going to be easier to get the thumbnails you want if you edit them on YouTube first. By doing that, they will be pulled into the CDN and appear with the thumbnail you want once added.

After you get the front end configurations complete, you can easily add a Smart Video to your website just by adding the widget where you want the video to appear and going to the side bar and adding the link as depicted below.

Also notable is that this isn’t just for YouTube hosted videos. Check out this screenshot from Swarmify’s website

Screenshot from website

When would you not want to use this technique to remove related videos and ads?

  1. If your primary focus is using your website to get more YouTube views in order to grow your channel so you can earn the maximum amount on YouTube’s ad platform, then moving your videos to a CDN would not be your best option since once the YouTube videos are pulled into the CDN, any views on your optimized (now hosted by Swarmify) videos will not be counted as YouTube views. Of course, if people view the video on YouTube it will count.
  2. If you have zero funds for hosting

If you’d like to see another example of Smart Video in action, you can take a look at the video on my home page at

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