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I have been learning digital marketing for over ten years. Back in the early years of owning a vacation home rental business, I relied heavily on testimonials to grow our clientele.

The testimonials along with figuring out our unique selling proposition  (what made our rental and us stand out from the very crowded field of options) really helped us gain traction.  I was also using a lot of video tools for the business, including live video walk-thrus and video recordings.  Our guests really enjoyed being able to see our rental in real time and in a way better format than distorted photos. Video marketing was one of the first things I gravitated towards as a marketer.

 Over the years I've learned a lot about digital marketing that goes far beyond what I learned earning my marketing degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  I've passionate about helping your business excel

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suehanson.com mission

To help you grow your business with digital strategies that help you leverage your time,  maximize your website traffic and grow it, and define your unique selling proposition so you can focus on it in your marketing. 


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