My top Free Lead Gen Strategy

One Really Easy Free Method to Triple Your Lead Generation in the Online Marketing Niche

One of the challenges many people experience as a new online business owner is lead generation.
It takes time to build authority. You need people to talk to in order to build a following, right?

But, if you’re new, you may be struggling with finding people to talk to about your awesome
products and opportunity.

Maybe you’ve experienced…

==>”Make a List of 100 people” and start contacting them. Sometimes your network marketing
company even has a “Memory Jogger” form for you to fill out.

Or, open your phone contact list and start contacting them.


You may have been in several companies like I have and you burned those bridges long ago.


Hey, I’m all for letting your network know you have XYZ product or service to offer, but
most of the time, until you are making the big bucks, they won’t come running.


Most people still have the JOB mentality so you need to get to those who want to work as
digital marketers.

The beauty of working as a digital marketer is learning to leverage the internet. (it’s like
a superpower) If you’re old school, think of it like filling a hotel room with prospects and
pitching hundreds at once). The Internet allows you to maximize your efforts like nothing else.


So, today, I wanted to share with you a system I use to build my list of like-minded people who
actually, want to build an online business. And,

You will generate leads three times faster

using this one method…


and here’s why.  The way the system works is similar to a Share Gate where people must

share it to access it for free.  When people share it with three people, they get to use it

for free. And when they share it with three to get access, it kicks off a sharing cycle that

grows like crazy, generating leads for you.  You can grab the lead generation system by clicking the

image below.  Once inside, just follow the easy setup steps and you will be set to generate leads.


The way this lead generation software is programmed, you get leads fed to you from more and more

lead lines of entrepreneurial-minded people anxious to build their own lists.

Additionally, there are a couple of ways to earn side income built in.



Here’a how to get started generating leads:

Step 1

Click the image above and get your free account set-up

Make sure you don’t miss any steps in the setup-just follow the videos

Step 2

Start sharing your link to the lead generation software

-by sending it out to a list you may already have

-by doing a Facebook Live about it

-by sharing in a group (if it’s allowed)

-by blogging about it

-by making a video about it

-by including it as a bonus in one of your

products or someone else’s.

Just get creative.


Everyone needs more leads. This lead generation system will supercharge your


Grab your free copy HERE

and start generating more leads in your business as soon as today.

It works, see the proof …


Use this easy call to action step to pull more of your blog audience into your funnel


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